Lynda Maldonado

Making things is something I’ve done my entire life. As soon as I could hold a pencil, I was drawing. As I grew up, making things progressed into 3D space and ultimately transforming my bedroom into an interactive experience.

Today, most of the things I make live online. I rely on my hands-on background to show products in unique ways via conceptualizing and photo shoots, then give them an amazing online home in which to reside by utilizing my graphic and web design skills. I also rely on user experience best practices so that the user is not only delighted by the visual, but also by not noticing the experience’s ease of use.

My professional value is in art direction, graphic design, and web design, but I’m also:

• Motivated to present product stories to customers in a fresh way

• A team player — I’m fueled by people’s passion to work together for a common goal

• A champion of my coworkers

• Able to remain calm and take action

• Solving problems — on my own and collaboratively

• A User Experience advocate

• Learning to code

• Riding my bike to clear my head and keep the ideas flowing

Specialties: Art Direction, Graphic Design, Web Design, Logos, Illustration, Bicycling Industry